Field of solar panels with PV modules

Clean, dependable energy

Solar energy can help reduce the cost of electricity, contribute to a resilient electrical grid, create jobs, and spur economic growth, generate back-up power outages when paired with storage, and operate at similar efficiency on both small and large scales. 

Products by solar solutions

As the industry transitions to a demand driven market, installers, EPC’s, project developers, banks and investors increasingly recognize the importance of partnering with a solar module manufacturer that has the financial and business stability to back up the product warranty.

Whether you are a residential, commercial, industrial, or utility scale customer, Boviet Solar has the right PV module for your solar projects. Partnering with a Tier 1, bankable company can help to mitigate your project risk, lower balance of system cost (BOS), lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), receive great return on investment (ROI), long term reliable energy generation and savings.

House with solar panels and PV modules on the roof

Residential Solar

Residential solar system generates solar power for your home and any unused electricity from your PV Modules will flow back to your power meter.
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Commercial building with solar panels and PV modules on the roof


Power Your Business
Commercial and industrial systems can also feed electricity into the grid but often use it on site either in net metered or behind-the-meter applications.
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Field of solar panels with PV modules

Utility Scale Solar

A utility-scale solar facility generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy.
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