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We focus on monocrystalline based PERC Monofacial and Bifacial PV module technology. Our Gamma Series Monofacial and Vega Series Bifacial PV modules are designed with better- technology in mind, made from robust product components, under stringent quality control steps and high-tech manufacturing processes.

PV Module Technology

Utilizing the best-in-class solar module technology has been the key driver of our success and central to our future. We utilize multiple PV technologies to enhance our PV modules, cells features and benefits to create more value for our clients.

High purity Monocrystalline wafer technology combine with PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large cell design and robust product components enables our Monofacial and Bifacial PV modules to pack more power per module, capture more photons, produce more energy, and provide reliable, dependable system performance under different installations requirements and environments conditions.

Mono-monofacial PV module

Mono-Monofacial PV Modules Gamma Series™

Mono-Monofacial PERC PV modules capture and produce electricity from the front side of the PV module and they come with white or black opaque backsheet.
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Mono-bifacial PV module

Mono-Bifacial PV Modules Vega Series™

Mono-Bifacial PERC PV modules capture light and turn into electricity both from front and rear side of the PV module and they come with double glass or glass with transparent back.
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Products by Solar Solutions

As the industry transitions to a demand driven market, installers, EPC’s, project developers, banks and investors increasingly recognize the importance of partnering with a solar module manufacturer that has the financial and business stability to back up the product warranty.

Whether you are a residential, commercial, industrial, or utility scale customer, Boviet Solar has the right PV module for your solar projects. Partnering with a Tier 1, bankable company can help to mitigate your project risk, lower balance of system cost (BOS), lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), receive great return on investment (ROI), long term reliable energy generation and savings.

House with solar panels and PV modules on the roof

Residential Solar

Power Your Home
Residential solar system generates solar power for your home and any unused electricity from your PV Modules will flow back to your power meter.
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Commercial / Industrial Solar

Power Your Business
Commercial and industrial systems can also feed electricity into the grid but often use it on site either in net metered or behind-the-meter applications.
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Field of solar panels with PV modules

Utility Scale Solar

Power Your Community
A utility-scale solar facility generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy.
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