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Utility-scale solar power plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods when electricity from fossil fuels is the most expensive and fastest way to reduce carbon emissions due to their large size.

Utility-scale solar is sometimes defined by a minimum size (which may be from 1,000kW to 500 MW+), and are invariably usually ground mounted. Utility-scale facilities also, by definition, sell the power they generate to the grid under PPA. Often utility-scale facilities are owned and operated by the utility itself and can help them meet mandatory GHG reduction targets. The availability of PPAs and FITs, especially, plays a key role for utility scale solar projects.

Utility Scale Solar Energy Benefits

Cs Energy Ashland Landfrield Xx Massachusetts Usa 5.6 Mw (1)
  • Environmentally friendly clean energy production
  • Stabilize electricity price and keeps lower them overtime
  • Can be paired with battery storage
  • Reliable energy production
  • One of the fastest ways offset greenhouse emissions

Utility-scale solar project participants

Cs Energy Milford Solar Project New Jersey Usa 9mw Min 50
  • Utility-scale solar project participants
  • Utility companies, also known as (off-takers)
  • Project developers
  • EPCs (engineering, procurement, construction)
  • Project financiers
  • Solar Contractors
  • Solar Installers
  • Local government agencies
  • Solar project owners


Solar panels with Boviet PV modules at the Pnm Encino Solar Power Plant

PNM Encino Solar Power Plant

System Size: 66,999MW
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Partner: Affordable Solar
Solar panels with Boviet PV modules at the Pnm Britton Power Plant

PNM Britton Solar Power Plant

System Size: 67,974MW
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Partner: Affordable Solar
Image 2 Boviet Solar Hcg, Htg Utility Scale Mw Solar Power Plant Vietnam 100 Mw

HCG Tien Thuan Solar Power Plant

System Size: 100MW
Location: Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
Partner: Boviet Solar
Image 3 Boviet Solar Georgia Power Utility Scale Solar Power Plant 16 Projects Toral 30 Mw

16 Different Solar Plants

System Size: 30MW
Location: Georgia, USA
Partner: Boviet Solar
Starbucks Project

Starbucks Coffee Company

System Size: 2 Projects 10 MW
Location: Texas, USA
Partner: Cypress Creek Renewables
7 Calcom Solar Utility Scale Granite Rock Quarry Solar Power Plant 5,662 Mw

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