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Who We Are

Founded in 2013 in Vietnam, Boviet Solar is part of Boway Alloy and one of the leading solar energy technology companies in the world.

We develop, design, manufacture and supply advance-technology, high-power, high-performance, and reliable Monocrystalline wafer-based PERC cell Monofacial and Bifacial PV Modules. We partner with installers, contractors, EPC’s, project developers, investors and financial institutions and deliver dependable PV modules for residential commercial, industrial, and utility scale solar projects.

With a proven track record of success working with many of the industry's leading players, Boviet Solar has maintained its position as a Tier 1 bankable company. Boviet Solar brings financial stability, technology know-how, manufacturing excellence, supply chain transparency and, top-performing technology known for their power, performance, and quality.


Our passion for solar electricity affects every level of our company. Our employees share a common understanding for the extraordinary mission in which we are engaged and an understanding that translates into an unparalleled commitment to what we do.

Mission Statement

The company mission is to make the earth a better place for all living beings utilizing the power of the sun.

Vision Statement

Continue to be a Tier 1 global brand and preferred partner in the solar energy industry.

Company Motto

Clean Energy, Sustainable Future

Company Purpose

We exist to create a better future for all living beings by working closely with our customers, partners, industry stakeholders to make solar energy a widely used energy source, to combat climate change, and make earth a better place for all living beings.

Company Name

“Boviet Solar” comes from the group company Boway Alloy. “Bo” stands for being a part of “Boway Alloy” and “Viet” stands for Vietnam where the company was founded and currently operates.

Company Logo

Company logo consists of design element and typeface. Half dome orange design element represents the rising sun and solar energy industry.

Company Values

Our company values are the central, underlying philosophies that guide our business and employees and reflect our interactions with customers and industry partners set to create a shared, enduring, and positive environment for all of us.

Values Image
  • Solar Energy:
    We believe in clean and reliable energy source
  • Enviroment:
    We care about our community and environment
  • Company:
    We create sustainable meaningful prosperity
  • Products:
    We provide innovative solar products for different solutions
  • Customers:
    We practice win-win partnership with our customers
  • Team:
    We promote team member growth and happiness


As part of Boway Alloy, we have the resources and support of a global holding company with billions of dollars in annual revenue and financial stability.

Since our inception, we’ve continued to have a healthy financial growth, manufacturing capacity expansion, entered new markets, adopted new technologies, and expanded our customer base. Boviet Solar is well-positioned in the solar energy industry due to a smart business strategy that focuses on stable and profitable business growth and expansion.


Boviet Solar has maintained Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier 1 position since 2017.

Despite changing market conditions, as the industry transitions to a demand driven market, large installers, project developers, banks and investors increasingly recognize the importance of partnering with a PV Module supplier that has the scale, exceptional product portfolio, and financial stability to back up its product warranty.

Every quarter, Bloomberg New Energy Finance evaluates manufacturers on their actual projects over the previous quarter and publishes a list of Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturers. In addition to the real-world performance and customers’ feedback on products, the consistency in heavy investments in R&D, after-sales service and utility grade projects are also considered as an indirect measure of the panel products reliability.


Adopting best of class technology has been a key driver behind our success and is central to our future.

Through internal product development and collaboration with industry partners, we have assembled a suite of solar energy products that gives our customers flexibility, enabling them to choose the best product that best meets their needs.

We specialized in advanced Monocrystalline (Mono) wafer-based technology due to great benefits and features that it offers to clients. As well as combine PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar-large cell technologies to improve our PV module power, efficiency, and reliability. We are currently working on developing high-efficiency battery technology, N-Topcon, high power PV modules of 600+W, and HJT heterojunction high-efficiency technology.

Quality and Reliability

Boviet Solar's PV modules have been ranked Top Performer by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) since 2019.

Our brand is synonymous with quality. We maintain the strength of the Boviet brand through stringent supplier and manufacturing processes and tailor products to customers’ needs. Reliable PV module performance depends on stringent manufacturing process control and well-made product components.

  • Every year PVEL publishes the PV Module Reliability Scorecard. It is based on its Product Qualification Program (PQP), which provides independent, long-term reliability and performance data that developers, investors, and asset owners use for their projects.
  • From our production equipment from internationally recognized manufacturers to the high-quality silicon and other materials, we ensure that our solar products are built to last.
  • All our production processes are accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, and dozens of control experts, which conduct stringent tests at every step of the production process, help ensure that our products meet or exceed performance requirements.


Clean electricity generated from sunlight is our mission and our expertise. As the solar industry grows and solar prices approach traditional electric prices, solar energy is becoming an integral part of initiatives to improve energy reliability, support sustainable development and participate in collaborative initiatives to solve climate change. We practice sustainable manufacturing processes as well as part of industry organizations that promote global adoption of solar energy.

Committed to environmental management standards.
Committed to international standards for occupational health and safety.
Participating in EU WEEE which encourages the design of electronic products with environmentally safe recycling and recovery in mind.
A member of USA SEIA, the national trade association that focuses on solar and storage research, education, and advocacy.

Mutual Partnerships

Like any other organization, we are here to accomplish our business objectives in addition to pursuing our mission. The only way for us to do that is by building mutual relationships with everyone including our customers, partners, suppliers, community, employees, and investors.

For us, success is measured by our ability to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with everyone who is passionate about the power of solar energy. We build strong partnerships with upstream suppliers to ensure a consistent supply and outstanding product quality.

We are also committed to the development of long-term, reciprocal and rewarding relationships with our employees, community, investors, customers, and the public.

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Leading the Way to a Better Future for All of Us

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