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Leadership Team

We are a team of passionate individuals with long years of solar energy industry experience. We share a common understanding for the extraordinary mission in which we are engaged and an understanding that translates into an unparalleled commitment to what we do.

Mr. Shicai Xie | President, and Chairman Powerway Group

Mr. Xie is the founder of the Powerway Group and chairman of its Board of Directors. Mr. Xie occupied several senior management positions in metal alloy manufacturing companies in the Ningbo area of China prior to founding the Powerway Group in 2002.

Mr. Xie holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and attended the executive Master of Business Administration program organized by Beijing University in 2001. Mr. Xie is the director of International Wrought Copper Council since 2001.

Mr. Zhaochun Xie | General Manager Boviet Solar

Mr. Zhaochun Xie joined Boway alloy group in January 2009 and he has multiple industry global experience mainly at Boway Alloy. Mr. Xie currently serves as Vice President of Ningbo Boway Alloy Material Co., Ltd., General Manager of Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Managing Director of Boviet Solar USA Co., Ltd, Director of Hong Kong NES International New Energy Limited. Director of Boway New Energy (Germany) GmbH., Chairman of Boviet Vina Alloy Material Co., Ltd., Executive Director of Ningbo Kyanite International Trade Co., Ltd. 

Mr. Xie holds an EMBA degree from Shanghai Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and Cheung Kong Graduate Institute (CKGCB) in Beijing, China.

Ms. Sienna Cen | President Boviet Solar USA

Ms. Cen joined Boviet Solar in October 2016 and she has more than 10 years of global solar energy industry experience at various companies before joining Boviet. As President of Boviet Solar USA, Sienna successfully started commercial business of the company starting from residential customers, commercial and industrial customers, and utility scale customers. Before joining Boviet Solar, Sienna worked at Ulica Solar as International Sale Manager and was responsible for Europe, Australia, and North America markets. 

Ms. Cen holds a Master of Engineering Degree from Australian National University at Canberra, Australia.

Mr. Haris Anjum | Executive Director, Sales and Business Development USA

Mr. Anjum joined Boviet Solar in October 2015 and is responsible for overseeing the business development efforts and providing guidance to key strategic partners on behalf of the company. He has more than 20 years in the energy industry and has a been instrumental in advancing the growth of each organization he has represented. Before joining the solar industry, Haris worked as a trader in the oil and gas industry, and prior to that he was VP import/export in a 6-generation old textile business. He also worked at ReneSola as Sr. Manager of Business Development for global markets. 

Mr. Anjum holds bachelor’s in International Development Studies at UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Mr. Rajan Bhatta | Executive Director, Sales, and Business Development USA

Mr. Bhatta joined Boviet Solar in 2017 and currently serves as an executive director. Rajan has over 10 years of experience serving in various high-level capacities in the renewables sector working for both public and private companies globally. At Boviet, he is responsible for companies’ global sales, business development efforts and client relationships. Before joining Boviet, Rajan held senior managerial positions at global Tier 1 solar energy companies. He has proven experience securing high profile solar energy deals in the USA and Globally.

Mr. Bhatta holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Mr. Joseph Butkiewicz III | Sales Director

Mr. Butkiewicz joined Boviet Solar early in 2022 with more than a decade of PV solar experience to his credit. Joseph’s career spans all three segments of the module supply chain, including manufacturing, distribution, and commercial retail. Previously ascending from Regional Sales Manager to the Head of Corporate Development for global tier-1 panel manufacturer, ReneSola, Joseph oversaw product management while also leading the PV sales team in the USA. His fervent belief in open and honest communication with clients and colleagues, and his dedication to positively impacting their success, has driven his career to date.

Mr. Butkiewicz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Northern Arizona University, as well as an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Ms. Songul Atacan | Head of Global Marketing

Ms. Atacan has been Director of Global Marketing at Boviet Solar since May 2021. She has more than 15 years of global solar energy industry experience at publicly traded and start-up companies in Europe, Americas, and Asia. Songul held Sr. Manager and Director level positions and specialized in strategic marketing, branding, and marketing communications. Prior to joining Boviet Solar, Songul worked at Canadian Solar in the USA, Trina Solar in China, Suntec Power in China and Switzerland and other companies.

Ms. Atacan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from San Diego State University and an Associate in Arts Degree from The Art Institute of California.

Mr. Chengzhi Xu | Director of Sales EMEA

Mr. Chengzhi is Sales Director of EMEA at Boviet Solar from May 2020. He has more than 11 years of global solar energy industry experience at publicly traded and start-up companies in China and Germany. Xu holds Sr. Manager and Director level positions and is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic sales and business development plans to meet company sales objectives and profit budgets. Prior to joining Boviet Solar, Xu worked at SMA and INVT.  

Mr. Chengzhi holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is pursuing a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Stuttgart University Germany.

Mr. Horace Hou | Director of Research and Development

Horace Hou has been manager of R&D technology Department at Boviet Solar since Jan 2023, focusing on the management of Boviets technology, research, and development. He has more than 7 years of experience in research and development technology of photovoltaics industry. Before joining the Boway Alloy, he worked at Canadian solar, Jinko Solar and other companies. He achieved a great research and development results in field silicon wafers, batteries, and modules.

Mr. Hou holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Technology Degree, a Master of Chemical Engineering Degree from China Nanjing Normal University

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