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Our Mono-Monofacial Gamma Series™ (with black or white backsheet option) and Mono-Bifacial Vega Series™ (with double glass or transparent back options) PERC and TOPCon cell-based PV modules are designed with better- technology in mind, made from robust products components, under stringent quality control steps and high-tech manufacturing processes.

PERC and TOPCon, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large cell deigns enables our PV modules to pack more power per module, capture more photons, produce more energy, and provide reliable, dependable system performance under different installations requirements, difficult weather, or environments conditions. Whether you are EPC, installers, contractor, or project developer, we have the right and better PV module for your residential, commercial, industrial, and utility scale projects.

As a result, you can mitigate your project risk, lower balance of system cost (BOS), lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), receive great return on investment (ROI), long term reliable energy generation and savings.

Topcon Solar Cell


tunnel oxide passivated contact – n-type

TOPCon stands for Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact is a more advanced N-Type silicon solar cell technology. In TOPCON technology the cell is passivated by an Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) fine layer on the surface of the P-type material and contains a very fine layer of about 2 nm Silicon dioxide (SiO2) tunneling layer and a highly polysilicon thin film below the SiO2 layer. Passivation happens due to the tunneling thin oxide film and the highly dopes polysilicon layer helps to attain the minimal amount of recombination.



PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell is a mature cell technology used to increase the efficiency of standard solar modules. This is done by adding a passivated layer in the rear of the cell. In Mono-perc modules, the same passivated layer is added in the back (rear) side of the solar cells.  Mono -perc is an advanced version of mono-crystalline PV modules that are considered to have higher efficiency even in low-light conditions.

Boviet Solar Perc Pv Cell

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