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San José, California USA, September 11, 2023— Boviet Solar Technology Co. Ltd. (the “Company” or “Boviet Solar”), a leading solar energy technology company specializing in manufacturing Monocrystalline PV cells, Gamma Series™ Monofacial, and Vega Series™ Bifacial PV Modules, today marks its 10th anniversary in the solar energy industry.

Boviet Solar was founded on September 11, 2013, in Vietnam with a mission to make the Earth a better place for all living beings by utilizing the power of the sun. Our vision is to continue to be a Tier 1 brand and preferred solar partner by creating a sustainable future.

Considering our journey from our humble beginnings in Vietnam to now as we gear up for 2024 and beyond, we wanted to reflect on a few key achievements. Here are some of the milestones that made us proud:

  • Named as a Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturer since 2017
  • Recognized as a PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) PV Module Reliability Scorecard Top Performer since 2019
  • Successfully completed Black and Veatch independent Manufacturing audit. 
  • Evolved from only a PV cell manufacturer to offer both PV cells and PV modules.
  • Provides top-quality Gamma™ Series Mono-Monofacial PV Modules and Vega Series™ Mono-Bifacial PV Modules 
  • Expanded PV cell and PV module manufacturing capacity to 3.0 GW.
  • Reached 4.4 GW in total PV module shipments, mainly to the U.S. market.
  • Embraced new technologies such as TOPCon N-Type PV cells.
  • Earned top U.S. utility-scale clients.
  • Created strong business emphasis on environmental, social, and corporate governance. 

“Thank you to our employees, partners and clients for making Boviet Solar a great success story and helping us to continue to create a sustainable future,” said Jimmy Xie, CEO of Boviet Solar. “We are delighted to celebrate the financial and business stability, technological expertise, manufacturing excellence, top-performing PV modules, supply chain transparency and mutual partnerships that we’ve achieved over the last decade. Boviet Solar is looking forward to continuing to strive toward future goals alongside our valued partners and clients as a leading solar industry company.”

About Boviet Solar

Founded in 2013 in Vietnam, Boviet Solar, a subsidiary company of Boway Alloy, is a Tier 1 solar technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of Monocrystalline PV cells and Gamma Series™ Monofacial and Vega Series™ Bifacial PV modules, as well as solar project development. The company works with IPPs, EPCs, project developers, solar installers, and contractors to deliver top-performing PV modules for utility-scale, commercial, industrial, and residential solar projects. As of 2023, Boviet Solar’s annual PV cell and PV module manufacturing capacity is 3.0 GW and it has shipped a total of 4.4 GW since 2013, mainly to the U.S. market.

The company offers financial stability, technological know-how, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain transparency. With a proven track record of successfully working with many of the industry’s leading players, Boviet Solar has maintained its position as a BloombergNEF Tier 1 solar module manufacturer and supplier since 2017. Boviet Solar’s PV Modules are known for their power, performance, and quality and have been rated as top performers on PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard since 2019. Black & Veatch successfully completed an independent audit of Boviet Solar’s manufacturing facilities in 2022. Boviet Solar has offices in the United States, Germany, and China, with its global headquarters in Vietnam. For more information, please visit

Songül Atacan
Head of Global Marketing
Boviet Solar