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Vega Series™

Monocrystalline I Bifacial

Perc I PV Modules

Our Vega Series Bifacial PV modules are designed with better- technology in mind, made from robust product components, under stringent quality control steps and high-tech manufacturing processes.

PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large cell design enables our PV modules to pack more power per module, capture more photons, produce more energy, and provide reliable, dependable system performance under different installation requirements, difficult weather, or environmental conditions. Whether you are an EPC, installer, contractor, or project developer, we have the right and better PV module for your residential, commercial, industrial, and utility scale projects.

Advantages to you

  • Mitigate your project risk
  • Lower balance of system cost (BOS) and higher energy yield
  • Lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)
  • Receive greater return on investment (ROI)
  • Long term reliable energy generation and savings


Bifacial monocrystalline PERC PV Modules come as double -glass or glass with transparent backsheet. High-efficiency PERC solar cells absorb sunlight from both the front and the back end of the PV module. Due to this design advantage all the valuable sunlight is captured on both sides of the PV module as well as any diffused light that hits the back of the solar cell. As a result, bifacial PV modules absorb more sunlight and provide higher efficiency than monofacial PV modules.
Bifacial Solar Panel Dark Background
Our bifacial PV module with PERC cell technology (passivated emitter and rear cell) uses dielectric passivation film on the rear surface of the cells. Thus, in PERC cells, the front surface absorbs sunlight while the rear surface absorbs the scattered or reflected light. This results in higher generation than their counterparts due to higher light absorption and internal reflectivity.
Bifacial Pv Module Illustrations Dark Background
The higher the bifacial PV module is tilted, the more power it produces from its bifacial features. Bifacial PV modules mounted flush to a rooftop block any reflected light from reaching the backside of the PV cells. That is why bifacial PV modules perform better on flat commercial, residential rooftops and ground-mounted utility-scale or large commercial systems because there is more room for tilt and bouncing reflected light to the rear of the PV modules.

Advantages of Technology

More energy production:

Utilizing the both sides of the PV module to produce more solar-powered electricity. Hence, Bifacial PV Modules actively increase the overall production efficiency of the system.

Less space and PV module requirements:

Since both sides of the PV module generates electricity, fewer PV modules and less space required to meet your energy goals.

Long-term durability:

The tempered glass increases the light-absorbing capacity and also gives a sounding edge in terms of overall durability.

Excellent performance:

When the front side of the PV Module is affected by the bad weather, the rear side continues to work efficiently unaffected by the challenging weather.

Installation flexibility:

With a Bifacial PV Module, there is no need to worry about any particular angle for installation. The Bifacial PV Modules are suitable for any position without worrying about the efficiency of the system.

Beatiful aesthetics:

Dual glass or glass with transparent back Bifacial PV Modules can really add to the aesthetic appeal of a skylight, backyard pergola carports.

Bifacial PV Modules

Image 6 Bifacial Pv Module Front View Photo
Front side of the PV module
Back Double
Back side of the PV module

Bifacial PV Module

Double Glass

Bifacial double glass PERC PV module utilizes heat strengthened dual-glass design that is both front and back end of the PV module. This design technique and other advantages of the technology enables higher-power generation, better durability, enhanced performance.
Image 6 Bifacial Pv Module Front View Photo
Front side of the PV module
Back Double
Back side of the PV module

Bifacial PV Module

Glass Front I Transparent Back

Bifacial single glass and transparent back PERC PV module utilizes strengthened single glass that is in the front of the PV module and clear fluorine -contained backsheet. This design technique and other advantages of the technology enables higher power generation, better durability, enhanced performance.

Technology Features


Made from high-purity single grade monocrystalline silicon wafer.


Utilizes high-performance passivated emitter and rear cell technology.


More resistance space radiation and degradation.

Half Cut Cell

Increase efficiency, more physically durable, resistance to cracking and shade effect.


The bigger the wafer, the more power it can generate because of its larger surface area.

Multi Bus Bar

Reduce the intensity of the electricity, lower risk of micro cracks, better resistance to hot spots and LID effect.


More light captured and energy production from both sides of the PV module.


All black mono cells combined with double glass or transparent design provides beautiful aesthetics.

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